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​We are proud and grateful to be the home of more than 250 small and/or locally-owned businesses! In addition, we operate a small business incubation initiative right on the first floor of our HLMS office building, located in the heart of the Hamilton Business District.

Artisan wares, cuisines of many cultures, music lessons and instrument fabrication, salons, books, craft supply and maker spaces, theater, art, libations, artists and tradespeople, health services, cafés, and SO much more!!!

Make a habit of sourcing your needs locally! Whatever you’re looking for, you can likely find it HERE!

Business Spotlight

Our beloved local businesses add so much value to our community!

Many of the operators of these businesses are also our neighbors. We are grateful that they have chosen (and are able) to live in the community that they serve.

Their success is our success!

We are thrilled to highlight a sampling our community’s treasures in our Business Spotlights below.

Hamilton-Lauraville Map

Let’s take a look at the map of Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street and its adjacent neighborhoods and assets. This map was generously funded through a grant provided by the Baltimore National Heritage Area- printed versions are available upon request!

We are fortunate to be the stewards of a significant portion of Northeast Baltimore’s Harford Road corridor — the longest Main Street in Baltimore City — which gives us the opportunity to focus on three distinct hubs: the Hamilton Business District, the SOHA Business District, and the Lauraville Business District. 

Baltimore is often called a “city of neighborhoods”. It is our privilege to serve not only our commercial corridor, but eight distinct, desirable Healthy Neighborhoods-designated communities: Hamilton Hills, Lauraville, and Morgan Park on the west side of Harford Road and Hamilton (formerly Glehham-Belhar), Waltherson, Moravia-Walther, Beverly Hills, and Arcadia on the east, as well as several adjacent communities that we consider neighborhood “friends” of HLMS (even though they’re technically not within our current catchment).

Whew — that’s a lot of neighborhoods! It’s important that we give them each their due, as our residents take great pride in their communities, and each of these eight neighborhoods is represented by a distinct, elected community association board.

In addition to our commercial corridor, and the eight neighborhoods in our catchment, we must highlight the schools and amenities that add so much value to our corner of NE Baltimore City!

Our community is home to many wonderful school options, both public and private. Within the area served by HLMS you will find Hamilton Elementary Middle (PreK-8, zoned public with Ingenuity Project option for 6-8), Garrett Heights Elementary Middle (PreK-8, zoned public), City Neighbors Hamilton (K-8, charter), and City Neighbors High School (9-12, charter), Community Play Project (private), Glenmount Elementary Middle School (PreK-8, zoned public), and Arts & Ideas Sudbury School (K-12, private democratic Sudbury-model school). Outside of our catchment, but still nearby, you will find St. Francis of Assisi School (PreK-8, private parochial),The Green School of Baltimore (K-5, charter) , The Belair-Edison School (PreK-8, charter), and Baltimore International Academy (K-8, charter). And of course, we are proud to be not only next door to, but also in regular collaboration with Morgan State University — the second HBCU to be named a  National Treasure — and its students!

Our abundance of green space is also one of the main attractions to our area! We are lucky count Herring Run Park, Burdick Bark Dog Park, Lake Montebello, and Fairwood Forest among our local and nearby assets.

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